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Sunday Stream with Irma

Sunday Streams With Irma Aguilar

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Welcome to my page! My name is Irma Aguilar.

I am a singer/songwriter born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. The inspirations to my music are about true events. I take these events and tell a story using music. I feel that through my songs I can express the emotion that each experience deserves and helps us connect as people. There are different kinds of genres that are meant for different occasions but I feel that the purpose to our music is to help others think, cry and to not feel alone.


Bienvenidos a mi pagina! Me llamo Irma Aguilar. Soy una cantante/compositora nacida en San Antonio, Tejas. Mis canciones son inspriradas de cosas reales que pasen en la vida. Por eso cada uno de mis temas platican un historia. Mi meta es llegarle a cada corazon para conectarnos como ser humanos


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