Hello my name is Irma Aguilar. I am a singer/songwriter born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Growing up on the west side of San Antonio, I grew up listening to all kinds of Spanish music. I remember hearing my father with his bajo sexto playing all of the old traditional boleros and music from famous trios. That is where my love of music began. Changes in my life led me to start writing music with my husband. The biggest blessing that has come out of this project is the feedback we have received from people all around the world. The connection that we have made with others has been amazing. In 2019, we recorded our very first album “Sufre” in Cuba. In 2019, we completed our second cd titled “Dos Mundos/Two Worlds. It contains 7 songs in mariachi and 7 in country. All of our mariachi music is produced and arranged by Mr. Henry Gomez alongside our engineer, Mr. Joe Trevino at Blue Cat Studios. Our country music is produced, arranged and engineered by Mr. Bobby Flores at BAM studios. In 2021, we had the honor of collaborating with Max Baca from Los TexManiacs on 3 songs: “Arrepentido”, "The Day I Met You" & “Otra Navidad Sin Ti” which featured Mr. Jesse Lechuga. We devoted all of 2021 on writing and releasing singles. They were a combination of mariachi, boleros, tejano, world and country music. We started this year by collaborating with our very good friend, Rhonda Garcia. Our goal is to continue writing music and touching peoples’ hearts.